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 How to make a ban appeal!

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How to make a ban appeal! Empty
PostSubject: How to make a ban appeal!   How to make a ban appeal! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 2:50 pm

This post will show you how to make a ban appeal that wil be formatted correctly.
Incorrectly formatted posts will be automatically delcined.

In-game name :

Rank :

Why you were banned :

Who banned you :

Additional information :

What each section means.

In-game name : This is your Minecraft username, Or you knickname if you have donated for one. If you have got a knickname be sure to put your username as well as we need to know which account it is if the appeal is sucefful.

Rank : This is so we know what rank you were, it helps use know how long you have been on the server for.

Why you were banned : This tells use what you were banned for, It lets us know the reason you were banned.

Who banned you : This tells us which of the staff banned you, so we can contact them and find out any additional information about you being banned.

Additional information : Any thing else you wish to put, it may or may not be used in your appeal.


To make the appeal copy the above form and fill it in, ensuring there is a empty line inbetween each question. So we can read it easily.
As i said before, incorrectly formatted posts will be automatically declined and then locked.

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How to make a ban appeal!
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